Vehicle fleet

  With our modern and widely structured fleet of
  185 vehicles, we are ideally positioned up to meet
  all your wishes and demands. Regardless of whether
  piece good shipments, partial or complete loads –
  we always have the ideal vehicle to match your

  Convince yourself and have a look at our vehicles,
  which are stationed at all our European locations.
MEGATRAILER with coil well

Pallet storage spaces: 34

Payload: 24 - 24,5 t

Loading dimensions (LxWxH):
13,60m x 2,45m x 3,00m


Pallet storage spaces: 38

Payload: 22 t

Loading dimensions (LxWxH):
7,20m x 2,45m x 3,00m and
Trailer 8,20 x 2,45 x 3,00m

Iveco Eurocargo 120E25

Pallet storage spaces: 17

Payload: 5.280 kg

Loading dimensions (LxWxH): 7.200 x 2.500 x 2.370 mm


Pallet storage spaces: 6

Payload: 1100 kg

Loading dimensions (LxWxH):
1,50 m x 1,75 m x 4,50 m

Ford Transit

Pallet storage spaces: 5

Payload: 1100 kg

Loading dimensions (LxWxH):
3,90 m x 1,70 m x 1,80m

Fiat Doblo Cargo Maxi

Pallet storage spaces: 1

Payload: 600 kg

Loading dimensions (LxWxH):
1.518 x 1.305 x 2.170 mm