HG-Logistic goes Green

Speed, flexibility, and reliable schedules – Sustainability, climate protection, reduction of CO2 emissions
These terms are not contradictory…

We are fast and flexible, deliver your goods precisely on time – and simultaneously protect the environment.

1. Vehicle fleet
During the past two years, HG Logistic has invested heavily, particularly in our fleet of vehicles. Older 'Euro 3' vehicles were replaced with the latest 'Euro 5' versions. Moreover, 21 new Mercedes-Benz trucks were purchased in October 2012, and all of them comply with the 'Euro 6' standard. In this way we have ensured that our entire fleet meets all requirements and future environmental standards.

2. Telematics solution
All of HG Logistic's vehicles are equipped with a Europe-wide telematics system. This system permits us to optimize travel routes, thereby reducing empty trips and increasing vehicle utilization. Thanks to telematics, costs are saved through more efficient fleet management, and in addition, CO2 emissions are reduced. The telematics system is an important step towards ecological transport management, and thereby also contributes to a reduction of environmental pollution.

3. Cross Docking
With our Cross Dock System, we achieve a high degree of consolidation, and are able to optimize our vehicle load capacities on all routes throughout Europe, thereby avoiding detours and extra mileage.

4. Fuel consumption / tyres
Together with Mercedes Benz and TÜV Nord, an investigation of fuel consumption was conducted in the summer of 2012. Hereby, tests with the ATHOS truck tyres specially developed by the Hämmerling Group were carried out to compare them with other tyre brands.Test details  The test results showed that the average diesel fuel consumption with ATHOS tyres was 28,7 l/100 km, as opposed to 29,2 l/100 km for various European tyre brands. This confirmed that the specially developed ATHOS truck tyres of the Hämmerling Group enable fuel savings to be achieved. Since the test, all of HG Logistic's vehicles are equipped with ATHOS tyres.

5. Driver training
At regular intervals, our drivers receive in-house training in the subjects of economical and ecological driving techniques. Fuel-saving driving techniques (Eco Training) in particular are beneficial for our environment and the climate. In addition, the drivers are more relaxed, which increases safety on the road. Apart from Eco Training, we also focus on the areas:
  •   Load securement
  •   Health & safety
  •   Social provisions

For even more targeted and individual training, our drivers are also accompanied on tours by our fleet manager at regular intervals, in order to detect possible driving errors, and to evaluate the data from the telematics system.

6. Photovoltaics
“Renewable energy” – a decisive and important issue for the 21st century, in which we also want to make a contribution.

Therefore, we installed photovoltaic systems in our Paderborn and Großweitzschen locations in 2012. Both installations are connected to the medium-voltage grid (E.on and MITNETZ) by means of transformer stations, and are monitored and evaluated continuously with professional equipment. The Großweitzschen installation has a rated output of about 280 kWp, and the installation in Paderborn has about 1250 kWp. Together, both installations generate roughly 1.300.000 kWh or 1.300 MWh power every year, which is fed into the grid. Consequently, the two installations reduce CO2 emissions by about 1000 tons per year (0,8 kg per kWh).