That is what every project begins with. Because individual solutions can only be developed by obtaining comprehensive information and knowing the details. And that's what we vouch for. Because we want to be judged by the results we achieve with more efficient processes or reduced costs. For this purpose, we dive deep into the subject matter and provide a wide range of services.

  •   Acquisition of all data,
  •   Definition of customer requirements,
  •   Analysis of material flows,
  •   Investigation of invoicing and handling stages,
  •   Determination of information flows,
  •   Identification of disturbances.


Based on the detailed analysis, our logistics experts prepare individual solutions to meet our customers' requirements. These are worked out in comprehensive concepts, and visualized with layouts.

  •   Conceptual elements are planning, structuring, and optimization of:
  •   processes
  •   batch sizes
  •   storage capacities
  •   material flows
  •   packaging
  •   transport methods
  •   invoicing procedures
  •   equipment and resources
  •   the development of KPI's.


Accepting responsibilities is part of our company culture. That is why we handle the implementation of our concepts ourselves, thereby guaranteeing their success. The steps required for this are:

  •   Calculation of the detailed
      implementation costs,
  •   Preparing offers,
  •   Planning and development of the necessary
      software products, incl. 'Track and Trace'
      solutions and the definition of interfaces,
  •   Planning, accompanying, and controlling
      the start-up phase,
  •   Completion, documentation, and hand-over
      of the project.